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When people use these products, some
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Why Nature’s Pearl – An Interview with Joe Land

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About Us

We are living in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina. We enjoy the mountains and valleys of God's awesome creation! North Carolina is also the home of Natures Pearl Muscadine grape which has recently been tested at Wake Forest University and proven to inhibit the growth of 7 types of cancer by 92.6%, thus the phrase, "Made By Nature - Proven By Science"

We believe that God's Word "The Holy Bible" is our "Roadmap" or "Blueprint" for everything we face in life's journey, and that we can safely trust the instructions laid out for us!

Thank you for visiting our Pearl Grape website, we truly hope you have found valuable information on Natures Pearl Muscadine Grape! We love to tell people about Natures Pearl because it is an incredible product that we do not have to be ashamed of which has and still is touching so many lives in ways that no other product has ever done!

If you have any questions we are available at: 812-486-8014

I am involved in prison ministry, so there are days that I do not answer my phone. However, if you will leave your name and number I will call you back. I am usually available in the evenings from 5:30 - 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Noah & Clara Nolt - Columbus, NC



Be Healthy & Happy! - Be Blessed!

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